Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toadbust 12 - Warregah Island - 18/02/11

The new "Warregah Warriors" went out last Friday night while I stayed at home and had a glass of wine on the lounge with my husband - ahhh. To tell the truth, the Rugby was on so I did some work while TMUHITW ("The Most Understanding Husband In The World" as everyone else calls him) wondered what I was doing at home on a Friday night! The glass of wine part was true...

Anyway, back to the Warregah Warriors - Ant, Bevan, Rob, Beth, Sharon R and Bernie went out with local landholder and toad hater Graham again and bagged a massive 86 cane toads. Ant reports catching another 4 large female toads and some access issues again - deep water and thick vegetation in some areas.

Well done guys! Cheers, Sharon.