Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toadbust 3 - 12/11/10 - Yamba

This was the night of the Junior Landcare members!! Check out these groovers...

CIA junior Landcare members on a Yamba cane toad hunt.
Their eyes are so good and being closer to the ground, I find junior Landcare members can pounce on cane toads quickly!

We were a bit disorganised and a large storm threatened to throw us into a spin, but we still ended up picking up 190 cane toads in a few hours, all from Carrs drive and the Yamba Sportsground. CIA members were met with words of encouragement (and a little laughter) from the exercise group leaving the sports centre at 10pm!!

Funniest moment of the night was when Simone bought me 2 toads stuck together (you know what I mean). I said "Oh look. They are in amplexis". Simone said "what does that mean?" It only takes a look and then she said "eeeeewwww" and dropped them into the sack. Simone was even more grossed out when I told her about the cane toad Kath got last season who was in amplexis with a female who ahd obviously been dead for at least 2 days!! Any minute....

So thank you to the standard crew - Bevan, Rob, Simone, Kath and Judith. We need some more people out so warm up those gumbbies CIA vols! We need you!! If my 5 and 7 year old children can do it, come on... do something!

Supermodel in Hi-Vis

Legend Junior Landcare Lehmanite
And top marks to poor Sharon D who found the Lawrence ferry out of action, then tried to take the Tullymorgan road, missed the turn and finally decided it was not meant to be. We hope to see you next week Sharon.

Cheers, Sharon Lehman.