Saturday, January 12, 2013

11/1/13 - Mororo Cane Toad Busting

On Friday night 15 volunteers went out at Mororo in the heat to pick up 140 cane toads. It was probably the quietest I have seen it at Mororo - is it the dry? It is certainly hot enough for them and we needed to be quick. Some of the local ...dams are still creating perfect breeding habitat for them but it was good and do some good old fashioned "round the edge of dams male toad snatching" work. 

Bevan was awarded a CIA toad shirt (for his dedication to invasive animal control - top toad buster and just reached over 1000 common mynas caught), Rob, new cane toad coordinator also was awarded a shirt. I am planning at CIA facebook competition shortly which will involve winning the few shirts I have left (cleaning up my house and simplifying life!).

Ant spent his day in front of a truck at Glenugie then the night picking up toads so no wonder he needed a litlte nanna nap at the end! Thank you to all the people who came out. Greta to see lower numbers of toads. Hopefully this dry season will give a chance to get round them a bit more and slow the advance. Cheers, Sharon.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bevan’s got a thousand mynas

Bevan Pugh is undeniably Clarence Valley’s number one Indian Myna trapper.
He started trapping in late 2007 after seeing a group of Indian Mynas kick a pair of Rosellas out of their nest at the Grafton Ag.  Station. Bevan has now removed 1000 of these feral pests from around his home in South Grafton (over 500 in the last 2 years). Also he trapped and euthanased a couple of foxes that were preying on the trapped birds. 
He’s a very active CIA committee member, is happy to share his trapping experiences and is a regular catcher at CIA Cane Toading evenings.
Congratulations Bevan, thanks for your much appreciated dedication.