Sunday, March 25, 2012

Myna Bird equals major problem

A Current Affair Thursday 23rd March 2012

 looks at Canberra’s Indian Myna Control Programs successes. Featuring Bill Handke and Peter Green (PeeGee traps) this feature highlights what can be achieved when a community works together. It‘s worth watching (3.5 min) and can be viewed at:  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brooms Head Toad Bustin' - 16/03/12

The same Magnificent 7 cane toad busters from the Yamba Roundup (so proud of myself for thinking of that one!) set out last Friday night to do some new areas in Brooms Head. Bevan's rent-a-crowd took the village and saw a beautiful Carpet Python (who did not want his photo taken!).

Photo: Carpet Python at Brooms Head. Taken by Bevan Pugh.
They also bagged 63 cane toads around the village including 46 juveniles at the back of the shop. That is at least twice they have bred in the drain behind the village in the last month.

My group visited some new properties on Brooms Head Rd which was exciting. We think we can accurately map the line of the front as we found all males who were sitting in their new areas and calling the ladies in loudly.
Glenis and Max with some of the males caught from one dam on Brooms Head Rd.
We saw a Brown Tree Snake (well, Max saw it first as I was too busy gasbagging and nearly trod on it) but my photo was too fuzzy. He was a lovely size but the landowner was a bit freaked out.
Bucket of male toads from the frontline. No fun for you tonight boys!
All up we got only 84 cane toads but visited some new areas and gathered a wad of juveniles. Everyone gather your strength for the Family Cane Toad roundup at Brooms Head Friday 30th March. Cheers, Sharon.

Woombah Wildcats bagging record numbers of toads

The Woombah Wildcats volunteers are finding so many toads around Woombah that it is very concerning. In 2 nights they have collected close to 200 cane toads in the Woombah township alone. if there is anyone in the Woombah area that can help out, please email so I can put you in touch with the Woombah toad coordinator. We don't want to see cane toads in the Iluka World Heritage Rainforest so come on, help out please! Cheers, Sharon.

Yamba Roundup Results - 4/03/12

Well this was the first year Wetlandcare have undertaken the Annual Yamba Toad Muster and what a wonderful success it was. With Marty from Clarence Council, Nigel from CMA, Dell, Steve and Geoff from NPWS and no less than 7 CVCIA volunteers working alongside Wetlandcare, it was a real joint effort.

Glenis and Max help out in community education at the Yamba Toad Roundup.

Bevan, Rob and Sharon R took the bus to Yamba Sportsground to help out while Max and Glenis kept watch on the golf course and helped people out. Kath and I stayed back at the gold club and helped with the mammoth task of processing toads people brought back in.

The event attracted a total of 270 participants. The total number of Cane Toads collected on the night was 2,521. The most caught by any one group was 130, and the heaviest toad weighed 277g. I was so proud of the 7 CVCIA volunteers that attended to help run the event. I don't think the night would have been such a success without us so thank you all so much. The gas bottle was without a fitting and Max was able to find a mate there on the night who was a plumber and fixed it. Kath was so wonderful weighing and processing toads for hours and I had to drag Rob and Bevan away at the end of the night. You guys are awesome and I know Wetlandcare really appreciated your help. Cheers, Sharon.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Myna Trapping Tales - Part 2

And this from Moira...

Hi again 11/2/12
2 mynas yesterday and 2 this morning and transported them to the happy hunting ground. It is amazing how greedy 2 birds can be. Hope I can get all the ones that are coming to my place. Saw some finches eating the seeds that grow on a reedy looking thing, shall have to try and get some more growing. Be glad when the mynas allow other birds in the yard again.
Bye for now
Hi laura, 27/2/12
woe is me, not much luck this week. Have only caught 11. I had put the
cage in an area under a table and the silly buggers went in. No food at
entrances or anything. That makes 38 so far.

Great work Moira. Like how your "not much luck week" includes trapping 11 without any bait! We will have to call you Bevan II soon. Cheers, Sharon.

Myna Trapping Stories - Part 1

Our myna trappers are having a great time out there and overcoming obstacles like nothing else. John from Seelands writes:

I have trapped 25 birds in February with little noticeable impact on the local population.

It took me a long time to get going as the trap attracts inquisitive dairy cows and eventually I had to build a fence around the trap.

Thanks for looking after hte trap so well John! Those cows are curious. I remember putting in a row of trees along our road and they pulled every single tree bag off them! Cheers, Sharon.

Myna update from Cairns

This was forwarded to me by someone from the Birding-Aus e-list:

3,000 mynahs trapped in Cairns.

There has been a Rotary Club "Remove Indian Mynahs" project in Cairns for some weeks and thus far there has been 3,000 plus removed. Cairns Men's Shed has made up 225 traps to date and there is a good public acceptance of the fact that this introduced species is a real problem, hence the good results. Three members of the "Men's Shed" have captured 1500 birds between them. Broad estimate of numbers in the Cairns area has been put at 250,000.

Wow! Cheers, Sharon.