Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yamba Roundup Results - 4/03/12

Well this was the first year Wetlandcare have undertaken the Annual Yamba Toad Muster and what a wonderful success it was. With Marty from Clarence Council, Nigel from CMA, Dell, Steve and Geoff from NPWS and no less than 7 CVCIA volunteers working alongside Wetlandcare, it was a real joint effort.

Glenis and Max help out in community education at the Yamba Toad Roundup.

Bevan, Rob and Sharon R took the bus to Yamba Sportsground to help out while Max and Glenis kept watch on the golf course and helped people out. Kath and I stayed back at the gold club and helped with the mammoth task of processing toads people brought back in.

The event attracted a total of 270 participants. The total number of Cane Toads collected on the night was 2,521. The most caught by any one group was 130, and the heaviest toad weighed 277g. I was so proud of the 7 CVCIA volunteers that attended to help run the event. I don't think the night would have been such a success without us so thank you all so much. The gas bottle was without a fitting and Max was able to find a mate there on the night who was a plumber and fixed it. Kath was so wonderful weighing and processing toads for hours and I had to drag Rob and Bevan away at the end of the night. You guys are awesome and I know Wetlandcare really appreciated your help. Cheers, Sharon.