Thursday, March 8, 2012

Myna Trapping Tales - Part 2

And this from Moira...

Hi again 11/2/12
2 mynas yesterday and 2 this morning and transported them to the happy hunting ground. It is amazing how greedy 2 birds can be. Hope I can get all the ones that are coming to my place. Saw some finches eating the seeds that grow on a reedy looking thing, shall have to try and get some more growing. Be glad when the mynas allow other birds in the yard again.
Bye for now
Hi laura, 27/2/12
woe is me, not much luck this week. Have only caught 11. I had put the
cage in an area under a table and the silly buggers went in. No food at
entrances or anything. That makes 38 so far.

Great work Moira. Like how your "not much luck week" includes trapping 11 without any bait! We will have to call you Bevan II soon. Cheers, Sharon.