Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday 7th January 2012 - Woombah Wildcats launch their toad season

Bob and I had our first Toad outing on Saturday 7th Jan 2012. There were four volunteers and we were out for two and half hours. Our catch was a total of 75 Toads. There has been an increase at Woombah Woods since last season.        

It was a good result for our first outing. We have also found 5 one year old females in our own backyard which we haven't had before.

Cheers for now, Bob and Marie.
Woombah toad doing pushups.
Two toads caught recently at Woombah.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can you spot the threatened species?

Look what Bevan caught in his myna trap overnight!!

NSW Threatened Species, Spotted-tailed Quoll. Gorgeous to know they are still around hanging out on the edge of Grafton (not the first one I have seen in Grafton). Interesting that Bevan successfully trapped two foxes prowling around his yard not too long ago. Also interesting that these are one of the species that we are most concerned about with cane toad invasion. Thanks for sharing Bevan - a gorgeous creature! Sharon.