Sunday, August 28, 2011

CIA Toadbusters plot their attack in Maclean

Last Saturday the CIA toadbusters had a lunch and strategy meeting about cane toad operations for the upcoming season. Firstly, we had to all introduce ourselves as without the mud, headlamps and gumboots, we did not recognise each other! Mel's hair is LOVELY!

It was a wonderful meeting and we now have a clear, focused direction of attack this season. We are going to focus on (1) Woombah, (2) Lower Mororo, (3) Warregah/Ashby, (4) Maclean-Brooms Head and (5) Angouire if we can get there. I'm hoping I can talk a certain Angourie member into driving ops there this season. While there are other areas of toad infestation, it is just not possible for us to get everywhere and these areas are thought to be the most critical and will achieve the most conservation gain.

I left feeling positive and very appreciative of the other volunteers' support and commitment. We will officially start toad ops in October, but Mel and Jo were so keen to get going I think they may have already been out when the rain stopped!

Keep an eye on the website for toad bust dates and see you in the swamp!

Cheers, Sharon.

Trappers close the door on mynas

Woo hoo!! 1011 Common Mynas trapped in the Clarence Valley so far this year. Well done everyone and I think the coordinated efforts and organisation of the amazing Laura are paying off.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CV Trappers exceed 800 mynas trapped so far this year!

Trappers in the Clarence Valley who are helping to control the invasive Common Myna have just passed the 800 birds trapped so far for 2011. Late last year, CVCIA Landcare offered to assist Clarence Valley Council to manage the trap distribution, support trappers in the valley and record data. 838 birds have been trapped and disposed of humanely so far in 2011.

Common Mynas crowded around a CIA Landcare trap.
A small band of CIA volunteers, led admirably by CIA Myna Trap Coordinator, Laura Noble, have overseen trap rejuvenation and helped to support and coordinate local trapping efforts. Trapped numbers are collected by CIA volunteers at the end of each month and recorded on the CVCIA Landcare website .

The CVCIA website now has interactive maps showing where large numbers of the birds have been sighted and where trapping has been successful. Common Myna sightings and trap efforts can easily be reported through a form on the website, by email to or to the CVCIA Landcare central number 0411 020 394.

CVC have supplied a small amount of funding to pay for wire as there are still not enough traps to go out to people in the valley wanting to trap. If you are interested in trapping mynas or if you are able to help build traps, please contact CVCIA Landcare on 0411 020 394.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Always the bridesmaid...

Bevan, Laura, Kevin and I attended the inaugrual Clarence Valley Council Sustainability awards yesterday. It was a lovely morning tea and presentation and the CVCIA Landcare group received a Highly Commended award for the group section, pipped at the post by the amazing Wooli Public School.
Two of our amazing volunteers, Laura and Bevan holding what could be anything but are in fact our certificates for contributing to the sustainability of the Clarence Valley.
There were about 7 applicants in the section so second was a lovely recognition for all of the hard work we all do. Well done to all CIA volunteers! You are making a difference. Cheers, Sharon.