Sunday, August 28, 2011

CIA Toadbusters plot their attack in Maclean

Last Saturday the CIA toadbusters had a lunch and strategy meeting about cane toad operations for the upcoming season. Firstly, we had to all introduce ourselves as without the mud, headlamps and gumboots, we did not recognise each other! Mel's hair is LOVELY!

It was a wonderful meeting and we now have a clear, focused direction of attack this season. We are going to focus on (1) Woombah, (2) Lower Mororo, (3) Warregah/Ashby, (4) Maclean-Brooms Head and (5) Angouire if we can get there. I'm hoping I can talk a certain Angourie member into driving ops there this season. While there are other areas of toad infestation, it is just not possible for us to get everywhere and these areas are thought to be the most critical and will achieve the most conservation gain.

I left feeling positive and very appreciative of the other volunteers' support and commitment. We will officially start toad ops in October, but Mel and Jo were so keen to get going I think they may have already been out when the rain stopped!

Keep an eye on the website for toad bust dates and see you in the swamp!

Cheers, Sharon.