Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brooms Head Toad Bustin' - 16/03/12

The same Magnificent 7 cane toad busters from the Yamba Roundup (so proud of myself for thinking of that one!) set out last Friday night to do some new areas in Brooms Head. Bevan's rent-a-crowd took the village and saw a beautiful Carpet Python (who did not want his photo taken!).

Photo: Carpet Python at Brooms Head. Taken by Bevan Pugh.
They also bagged 63 cane toads around the village including 46 juveniles at the back of the shop. That is at least twice they have bred in the drain behind the village in the last month.

My group visited some new properties on Brooms Head Rd which was exciting. We think we can accurately map the line of the front as we found all males who were sitting in their new areas and calling the ladies in loudly.
Glenis and Max with some of the males caught from one dam on Brooms Head Rd.
We saw a Brown Tree Snake (well, Max saw it first as I was too busy gasbagging and nearly trod on it) but my photo was too fuzzy. He was a lovely size but the landowner was a bit freaked out.
Bucket of male toads from the frontline. No fun for you tonight boys!
All up we got only 84 cane toads but visited some new areas and gathered a wad of juveniles. Everyone gather your strength for the Family Cane Toad roundup at Brooms Head Friday 30th March. Cheers, Sharon.