Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mini Myna Meeting - 16/02/11

Our Myna group had a mini myna meeting last Wednesday, which really helped to kick things off. Laura has agreed to be the Myna Trap Coordinator (hooray!) and has spent days calling people who had council traps and setting up the new system and new traps.

Frederick is going to be the Myna Data Collector, Pam has been developing some notes for public trappers and Pop has produced a magnificent trap. Gina, Kevin, Scott and myself were also there, so thank you to all the myna people who came along to get this rolling. We are still developing our "systems of operations" but I am confident we will get there. I am so appreciative of everyone picthing in and taking on roles. Thank you.

And it looks like Laura may have negotiated a deal with Acmena to make new traps for us. We are in urgent need of myna traps so this will work nicely. Cheers, Sharon.