Sunday, February 27, 2011

Report from the Townsend Tigersnakes - 26/02/11

Townsend Tigersnakes 25th and 26th Feb

The Townsend Tigersnakes have had a BIG weekend!

We popped out to Brooms Head on Friday night and scooped up 109 toads in 35mins at the Bowling Club!! Awesome.

Saturday night we needed to get our quota for the DNA study so we hit Townsend. What a great night, Mel and Jared started at Townsend and scored 47 toads in less than an hour! That seemed like a teaser so Torsten and I joined them and we went out to Red Cliff for a drive thru. We stayed on the roads the whole time and they were just everywhere, we ended up getting 201 toads on a full circuit of Red Cliff.

It was a bumper weekend for us with 357 toads caught all up! Yay!

Now its time to have a rest so we can do it all again next week.


Jo, Mel, Jared and Torsten.

Mel and Jared compare toads. Photo: Jo Vestergaard.
These large cane toads were found in the Townsend area Feb 2011. Photo: Jo Vestergaard.