Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toadbust 11 - 12/02/11 - Woombah report

Now we are talking! 3 teams out in 3 different areas in one weekend. I'm sleeping a little better this week ;).
Bob sent in this report:

"We had Marie, Brian and myself plus two landholders on the chase, which worked out quite well, with plenty of excitement at the number of catches. We only missed about 5-6 toads, which was pretty good. The numbers collected for the night, which was around three properties off Island View Rd and dam area ... 110 toads in 2 hrs. We may have a night during the week and/or next Saturday night to try and catch up on Garretts Lane area and Goodwood Island area, see how the weather goes?? and chasers, till next time it 'RRRibitt from Toad Haul alias BOB".

Toad Haul! How did I not think of that?! Great work Woombah crew. So toadbusters, if you are looking for something to do next weekend you could go to Warregah Island Friday night, Woombah Saturday night or Yamba Roundup Sunday night. Or you could do all three!! Cheers, Sharon.