Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mororo Toadbust - Friday 25/02/11

My goodness me - it has taken me 2 hours to load all of the toad busting data from Woombah, Townsend and now this one. How great it is to have coordinators in three other areas - thank you!

Well, I went out last Friday night and was met by the Warregah Warriors (Bevan's rent-a-crowd), the Townsend Tigersnakes (Jo and Mel) and many others! We welcomed two new members from Woombah, Darrin and Kaitlin, though Kaitlin was not up for touching a toad just yet.

Kaitlin's spirit is willing, but the hands just won't do it! Lucky Dad is keen.
After sending a sick Kath home, we went down McCondle Island Rd in two teams. My team raced to the end of the road and through the gate to assess whether cane toads had spread up through into Chatsworth SCA or further. The good news was there were no toads at all past the half moon wetland. This is very exciting as hopefully we are keeping them out of Mangrove Creek.

The bad news was that there were 20 males at least sitting in the half moon wetland calling that we could not reach. I need to return with my waders (Mel offered her husband's jetski!) and pluck them off. We found another similar wetland on the way back (now called Kaitlin's wetland) that requires the waders and/or jetski.
Some large toads from the Mororo area.
Bevan, Rob, Simone and Sharon D swept along the road from the grid and collected a massive 119 toads. Our crew only bagged 36 but I was beaming from the results at the end of the road. I picked up toads further along last year so I'm hoping we are seeing a small win there. Time will tell. We need these little rays of sunshine! All up 155 toads and a good night. Cheers, Sharon.