Saturday, March 5, 2011

Myna Bottle Clip - Kevin's bright idea

I saw a very snazzy clip that Kevin had made for a myna cage the other day and he has sent me some photos and details.

"attached is the water bottle drawing (courtesy of CIMAG) and photos of my water bottle. I fiiled it with pink water and marked around the opening so it is visible. I cut 50mm length of 90mm plastic storm water pipe, then cut out 25mm and trimmed the corners. Two sets of two holes and a bit of wire tie it to the corner of the cage 75-100mm up. This a good holder and the bottle is easy to insert or remove. I'm also experimenting with something similar for food, will keep you posted".

Remember to send any good ideas you get (and there are heaps!) so we can put it on the blog for everyone. Thanks for sharing Kevin.

Cheers, Sharon.