Tuesday, March 8, 2011

6/03/11 - Myna display at Halfway Creek Markets

Last Sunday Laura, our Myna Trap Coordinator, set up a CIA Common Myna information table at her local markets (as if she isn't doing enough!). Here is her report and some lovely photos:
Most visitors, who came to the Halfway Creek markets on Sunday 6th March, showed interest in the trap even if only out of curiosity. Some took the CIA’s details including one who wanted plans so he could build his own trap. Mynas don’t seem to be prevalent here (flocks just fly through the area, not stopping long) and we would agree with this having caught only a few in the last year.  We discussed the use of callers, bird care, what food to use and disposal of trapped birds.

Laura and friends with an information stall at the Halfway Creek Markets.

Best practice cages shown at the local market. Note the clever use of an upside down cocky cage!