Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16/03/11 - Myna Network meeting in Coffs

Laura, Kevin, Pam and Pop headed down to Bongil to visit the Coffs myna trappers today. Pam sent through this report and lovely photos:

"Had a great day at the Indian Myna meeting/barbeque at Bongil National Park today. Good to share stories on Mynas and see that we 'newcomers' were able to show the other groups a good idea with the water bottle setup".

Kevin and Laura at Bongil
Laura demonstrating the water clip.
Pop swapping myna trapping stories at Bongil.
Sharing ideas and tips is very important for any invasive animal control program. Thanks for representing us in style guys and I look forward to hearing about it at the next meeting. Cheers, Sharon.