Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cane toad found in downtown Maclean

Two weeks ago I sent out a media release saying if we did not get any more help, there would be cane toads hopping down the main streets of Maclean and Iluka within a few years. Unfortunately, my media release did not get a run (something about some election or other) and we are still struggling to get more volunteers.

Well, the toads got the hop on me. On the way home from toading Friday night at Mororo, Mel found a sub-adult cane toad in downtown Maclean, Rannoch Avenue. A little sooner than I thought, but hopefully people in Maclean may now be inspired to get out and give us a hand.

CIA volunteers are struggling to reduce the spread
of cane toads in the Clarence Valley.
More information on how to join the CIA and/or control cane toads humanely can be found on the CVCIA Landcare website.