Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tucabia tackle their Indian Myna problem head on

The Easter Sunday market at Tucabia (east of Grafton) was a resounding success for the CVCIA Indian Myna trapping program. Even though the market attendance was low we, with a great deal of help from Karen the new Tucabia area contact, placed four traps which will be  delivered  to new trappers and we left her a spare trap. The townspeople we spoke to were supportive and interested and with the enthusiasm of Karen and her husband hopefully the Indian Mynas can be controlled here.
As well we talked to a group of the Queenslanders who visited the market as part of their bus outing from the Sunshine Coast where Indian Mynas are a serious threat to their beloved native birds. They need help and we urged them to attempt to get their council or local Landcare group interested. It’s really disappointing to have to say to such concerned people that it is difficult for us to assist apart from trap plans, advice and sympathy.
We have another trap to deliver to a couple we met here from Coutts Crossing, which will be done later this week on our next visit to Grafton. Incidentally our newest CO2 euthanasing location is at Coutts.