Wednesday, April 25, 2012

26/04/12 - Update from Kimberley Toadbusters

This taken from the Kimberley Toadbusters Newsletter. It's more than just about picking up toads...

Kununurra businesses and homes are literally ‘under siege’ from up to 60 young Indigenous children roaming the streets night after night. Breaking and entry and incalculable costs of damage to infrastructure and local business has increased to levels that have long term residents deciding to retire elsewhere and is affecting the social and economic progress of the town. Sadly these children have no supportive ‘home’ to go back to and the ‘street’ is often safer than the family environment they belong to.
Toad busting has become the social ‘glue’ for many of these children and Kimberley Toad Busters, in partnership with Save the Children, the Justice System, and volunteer community members have been using this unusual activity to keep many of these children otherwise engaged.
As a result of the incredible response to toad busting from many of these troubled Indigenous youth KTB decided to take their toad busting program a step further. “Kimberley Toad Busters have now developed the Kids @ Risk Positive Outcomes Program to address social issues within the community associated with juvenile delinquency” stated Danielle Taylor, KTB Board member and local KDHS teacher. She went on to add “The program aims to reduce anti-social behaviour, increase self-esteem, create positive leadership abilities, create self-awareness, and increase school attendance amongst the youth of Kununurra”.

Cheers, Sharon.