Sunday, April 8, 2012

30/03/12 - Brooms Head Family Toad Night

Well, Brooms Head family toad night ended up being 5 CIA toadbusters and 2 Brooms Head Landcare members, so well done to Robyn and Paul Sharp for coming out to help us. It was wonderufl to pick up some local knowledge (like where to stand to get phone service) and a nice joint activity for two Landcare groups from the area.
Paul & Robyn Sharp from Brooms Head Landcare with CVCIA Landcare member Sharon Davidge
We picked up 68 toads for the night but most concerning was the large females we collected right near the Brooms Head shop.

Sharon Robbins with large female cane toad collected in Brooms Head village.
I lost my voice at the end of the night which made everyone very happy and Bevan, Rob and Sharon R saw a lovely carpet python at Lake Arragan to top the night off. Thanks to the 4 CIA vols that came all that way and thanks to Paul and Robyn for coming out with us. Sharon.
Carpet Python at Lake Arragan. Photo: Bevan Pugh