Thursday, May 20, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE - CIA Gets Tough on Mynas

The Clarence Valley Conservation in Action Landcare group (fondly known as the CIA) has agreed to step in and help out in the Clarence Valley war on the feral Indian Myna.

Clarence Valley Council Environmental Officer, Martyn Swain is ecstatic the CIA is going to lend their expertise in rallying the community on invasive animal control and welcomes the backup.

"Community participation is essential if we are going to successfully reduce the population of Indian Mynas in the Clarence Valley", said Mr. Swain.

"Clarence Valley Council have been working very hard for about five years with a small number of people on this project", said Mr. Swain, "but we need more members of the community to chip in and get trapping".

Mr. Swain said he was delighted the CIA were now going to help out with the distribution and coordination of the traps and data.

"I'm only one person with a large number of projects on my plate", said Mr. Swain. "The CIA have proven they can tackle a broad, coordinated Clarence Valley wide invasive animal program with their very successful cane toad project winding down for the season".

And experienced they are! CIA Myna Coordinator, Bevan Pugh, has already trapped over 400 Indian Mynas in his backyard at South Grafton since he became interested in this clever but aggressive bird.

"These animals are very smart and it is essential that trappers network and share ideas", said Mr. Pugh. "A few CIA volunteers are making a road trip down to Coffs Harbour this weekend to see how their very successful program is set up".

"We hope to bring that knowledge back, integrate it with what we know here and come up with a coordinated plan of attack", said Mr. Pugh. "The CIA need as many people to get involved as possible so stay tuned for more details on our next mission!"

And with even better news, Mr. Swain announced that the Coffs Harbour Indian Myna Project Officer was coming up to Grafton to hold a Myna Control Workshop on Friday 4th June from 12 noon to 4 pm at the Council Chamber sin Grafton. Attendance is free but places are limited and filling up fast. Please RSVP for the workshop directly to Martyn Swain at CVC on 6643 0200.

If you are unable to make the workshop but still interested in getting involved in the Clarence Valley Indian Myna Control Program, please contact Sharon Lehman of the CVCIA on 0411 020 394 or email .

Clarence Valley Conservation in Action Myna Coordinator, Bevan Pugh vows to get tough on Indian (Common) Mynas with Clarence Valley Council Environmental Officer, Martyn Swain. Photo: Sharon Lehman.