Sunday, May 23, 2010

And the cane toad end of season results are in!

OK CIA cane toad hunters - here it is! I have finished entering our data for the 2009/10 season and the results are....
  • Total number of toads picked up in the Clarence Valley - 11,146 (when I first came up with the tally idea I did not even dream we would hit 5 figures- I feel like a petrol station attendant where I have to squeeze in the fifth number!)

  • Number of those toads picked up by CIA volunteers - 6,003 (that's amazing!!! Well done guys!).

I have not even begun to analyse the data, but there is so much information for us to learn from our records. Thank you to all CIA volunteers who collected toads, scribbed on the nights (I know how hard it is to manage a torch, clipboard, pen, dam edge, toadsters shouting data at you and often a toad!) and those who emailed me their data (esp Annie's efforts). Cheers, Sharon.

Final toad photo of the girls.