Friday, November 30, 2012

30/11/2012 Yamba Myna Workshop

Thirty-five people packed the Old Kirk Hall at the Yamba Museum to overflowing to hear what can be done about this nasty bird. As well as locals there were also a couple tourists from Sydney and Melbourne who were looking for help with mynas there. We were also pleased to have Bruce who single handed keeps the mynas at bay in Wooli, his comments were most helpful.
Well done Paul our Yamba coordinator who organised the venue and publicity. Thanks also to Helen of Angourie Landcare who delivered flyers to residents of Angourie and Woolewayah and a special thanks to Pam our Grafton coordinator who provided morning tea and assisted on the day.
The audience seemed very interested as there were lots of questions both during the presentation and over the friendly cuppa afterwards. I always felt Yamba was a bit slow on taking up the program but maybe I was wrong, two traps have been placed since the meeting and we are hopeful of more.