Saturday, November 17, 2012

17/11/2012 Granite Borders Landcare - Indian Myna Workshops

Granite Borders Landcare recently received a “Caring for Our Country” grant similar to CVCIA and our IM organisers Laura and Kevin were invited by GBLC to present three workshops to help kick-start their program before the mynas are able to get established in their area. Twelve people attended the Stanthorpe workshop at the Community Garden including one from Warwick who had many mynas in his garden and needed help to try to get something going in Warwick.
 The second session was at Drake 50 kilometres east of Tenterfield.  Although only three people turned up it was still a fruitful session as they were all interested in helping set it up in their little community.

That afternoon the final workshop was at the GBLC Office in Tenterfield. Over twenty people attended what was the most successful meeting with many people offering to help control the pests here. Mark placed his first trap even though it wasn’t quite finished, the trapper was happy to add the finishing touches, if allowed to get trapping straight away.
A lady came to open the hall for the Stanthorpe workshop.  She stayed only to close up but listened to the presentation.  Afterwards she said told us “I’m an environmentalist and would not have considered attending this, but I’ve changed my mind – I didn’t realise how devastating mynas are.  I’m glad I came.”