Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toadbust 6 - 25/1/11 - Mororo

It was a hot and steamy night - argh! The insects!! Actually, while we moaned about the insects in our eyes, noses and mouths, it was perfect for toading and the reptiles and native frogs were out in force.

We had a great roll up of 11 volunteers and picked up a massive 528 cane toads. 118 of these were from Nicola's place on Mororo Road, but the most exciting find of the night was a Stephen's Banded Snake!! These guys are a threatend species in NSW and a record here in toad central is very good to have on file.

Stephen's Banded Snake
 Kath and Ant's team tried very hard and the lovely Janet Cavanaugh had a great time out. But the prize went to Bevan, Rob, Bernie and Sharon Robbins (and me) for picking up 394 toads. 268 of these were from one property at the end of Lewis Lane. The sound of the males calling was deafening when we arrived.

Janet shows off her catch.
Thanks everyone for a great night toading. Cheers, Sharon.