Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toadbust 5 - 15/2/10 - Brooms Head

A keen crew of 8 met up at the Brooms Head Bowling Club for a night of intense competition. As I drove into Lake Arragan I was telling Bevan and Rob that "we never see cane toads down this road" - think again! We picked up a heap from the paperbarks camping area near Lake Arragan. Very concerning. The toads are going gang busters down there this season.

Our team headed back to the bowling club, very smug with our 128 toads, to meet up with Kath and Jo's team. They also had 128 toads from the village (go figure!) but as we were gloating, Beth picked up another 1 to add to the village team so they creamed us! 257 for the night.

Frogs legs for dinner anyone?