Saturday, October 9, 2010

CVCIA AGM - our first meeting without gumboots!!

On Wednesday15th September 2010, the CVCIA had our first ever sit down proper Landcare meeting, in a room, without torches, no cane toads present. I was actually nervous that noone would show up as I had hinted that I was looking to perhaps disperse some of the coordinating load or at least a few jobs on my To Do list. I even had a good friend (and member) say they were not coming as they were worried they would come away with some jobs!

So I was absolutely delighted to have 12 members attend. Some I had only met via email so it was nice to put a face to a few and others I had only met out in the dark covered in mud (Simone sure scrubs up nice!). It was a good mix of cane toadsters and common myna trapsters, and a great opportunity to swap stories about what each group is doing and our objectives.

I gave a run down on state and federal issues re cane toad directions and was pleased to lay these issues out on the table for the whole group to consider. It was also encouraging and lovely to have members overwhelmingly endorse continued toad operations at this point in time. We also discussed the need to stay focused on our tasks at hand (ie. mynas and toads) and to avoid being dragged into other areas when we do not have the resources or time to commit to them. The shell is there though, should someone feel strongly enough about a local issue and want to run with it within the framework of the CVCIA.

I still need to do up the minutes, which will go out to all members, including actions and calls for position nominations, but overall, I was humbled and touched by everyone's support of my original vision. I now feel confident that the CVCIA is a robust Landcare group that will continue should something happen to me.

Thank you everyone. Cheers, Sharon.