Sunday, October 24, 2010

23/10/10 - University of Sydney, Matt Greenlees tours CV toads

Last night I met with Matt Greenlees, from the Shine Lab, University of Sydney, to take him on a tour of our Clarence Valley cane toad population. This photo of Matt sums up how we spent most of the night, huddled over our cameras taking photos of the beautiful native frogs out and about.
I showed Matt Angourie, Yamba and then visited some of our favourite haunts in Mororo. Matt is interested in studying the NSW cane toad population (hallelujah!!) and we spent most of the night discussing experimental design, how we can assess if the CIA is effective and how we can make the most difference.
Tyler's Tree Frog, Litoria tylerii calling in the ladies.
Like David Newell last fortnight, Matt was very positive about the possibility for valid research opportunities with the numerous farm dams in the Mororo area. One of our wonderful landholders who has done many nights of manual control has done some work around a few of the dams, which also presents some research opportunities to see if cane toads move into a dam previously not conducive to toads.

Mixophyes fasciolatus leaving the dam - with tail still attached!
OK. Gotta move from nocturnal to diurnal for holiday with family. Good night!