Saturday, September 27, 2014

Modified PeeGee trap to reduce freight costs

We have had lots of enquiries for our really well built PeeGee traps and although we charge only $25 for a trap the freight costs made then them too expensive for most trappers. So with lots of help from our trap builders we have come up with a modified version where the smaller trapping section fits inside the larger holding section thus halving the over all volume. Although the trap requires a bit of assembly this modification reduces the freight cost to around $30 for most NSW and southern Queensland.

The traps are supplied with detailed assembly instructions as well as how to trap hints and a small bag of our preferred bait (ie Lucky Dog Minis).

The pictures below show the trap as delivered and the result after a bit of assembly. For a copy of the assembly instruction please click

Modified trap as delivered
Assembled trap ready to go.