Monday, January 27, 2014

Australia Day Celebration – One for our Native Birds

This Australia Day weekend Laura and I were able to-do our bit for the native hollow dwelling birds and mammals.
There were a few Indian Mynas about the property last week but we had been unable to lure them to our trap near the house even with our caller. So Friday night we set another trap (without a caller) in the area where we had seen some of them on the ground.
Saturday morning a flock of Mynas descended on the trap and soon we had several in the trap. By nightfall after the remaining un-trapped Mynas had left the area, we went to check the results, 16 birds trapped!  We had seen more, using binoculars, around the trap earlier, so we set a second trap.
This time we put two callers in each trap and on Sunday another 14 ventured in making a total of 30 birds in 2 days. One trap is still out but either we got them all or they have moved on for now.
There have never been this many birds here before. These two days tally is more than our previous three years.