Friday, April 1, 2011

01/04/11 - The Northern NSW Landcare Awards

What a fabulous day - the Northern NSW Landcare Awards.

Well, we came second in the Community Group award today for Northern NSW Landcare Awards. That's pretty awesome considering the competition and we have only been a Landcare group for 2 years (well done to all our wonderful CIA volunteers). I could not believe how excited I was - I even put on makeup! That's a once in a year event. Laura cursed me for having to wear shoes that were gorgeous, yet painful.

Over 100 people attended the Northern NSW Landcare Awards
But the star of the day was our young Bethany - the only Clarence recipient of an award today - well done Bethany - you are a star!! I had a tear in my eye and Ant said he was unable to speak as he was all choked up. That made my day.

Bethany recieves her award for Junior Landcare Leader Northern NSW.
Laura, Kevin, Pop and Deb P came along to cheer Bethany on and I saw Kevin, Laura and Pop leave, then mysteriously reappear when dessert was announced! As always, I love hanging out with CIA members.

The fabulous Laura, Kevin and Pop
I was a little disappointed we did not win (I am finding red wine eases the pain slightly) but mostly because I wanted to get up and thank the fabulous Clarence Landcare crew (Julie, Deb and Sue) who have welcomed the kooky and unusual CIA group to their family with open arms and incredible enthusiasm. You guys are the best. Lastly, thanks again to all the fabulous CIA volunteers and members. Even if you are not out there picking up toads and trapping mynas, we appreciate your support and know you are there - thank you. Cheers, Sharon. 
All the winners - well done Bethany!!